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Welcome beloved Soul,

I am thrilled to connect with you!

My name is Christina,

I am Visionary Leader of the Heart, Self-Sovereignty Guide, Transformation Coach,

Spiritual Teacher, Quantum Energy Healer, Holistic Life Mentor, Intuitive, Artist, Author

and founder of SenseSelfEssence.

I am here to remind you that everything you seek lies within you, 

guide you along your healing journey and alignment with your life's purpose,

and show you how to embody your true, authentic, illuminating Self.

Embarking on this integrative journey with dedication and diligence, transformation, rebirth

and expansion will take place inside-out in order to manifest a New Life, in abundance!

Christina Georgiou

How can I assist you in your journey?

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"Having Christina as a spiritual teacher is a true blessing.

She helped me rediscover the path towards my spiritual awakening, enlightenment and alignment with my true Self. She accompanied me through this long and sometimes painful journey with acceptance, respect and love. I know Christina for many years and I have seen her processes and evolution throughout these years. I observed her transformation and all the amazing work she did on herself and that was exactly what drawn me to her classes. Now I see her, more than ever, aligned with her incredible existence and authenticity and it makes me so privileged to be around her and learn from her. Christina is an amazing human being, a compassionate teacher, a kind, gentle and giving soul with a warm heart open for everyone. Seeing her grow as a person but also as a teacher and healer makes me so proud to be her student, friend and collaborator."

Marilena Kyriacou

Actress, Drama Teacher & Youth Worker

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