About  Christina


Christina is the founder of SenseSelfEssence, an international school, method and tribe, dedicated to providing personal development and transformation to people who want to reveal their highest potential, be the creators of their reality and manifest unlimited abundance in every area of their life. 


She specializes in guiding people to uncover their authenticity, discover their soul’s purpose & personal potential, organize their skills & talents and express their genuine message by creating powerful personal brands and conscious businesses.


She worked with individuals from various fields and backgrounds, supporting and guiding them to form their own life path and draw inspiration from their Self in order to step out in what they do, by using powerful transformational and consciousness shifting tools.


Christina’s passion to helping others walk to the path of self-realization is powered by a vision where every human has the ability to unlock their greatness and become sovereign being, able to experience joy and the freedom of choice in everyday life. 


Christina is a true leader in her field – not only with fast personal growth and success in achieving all her personal and professional goals, but with the ability to destroy your perception on what you consider to be ‘true' – to help you break free of old outmoded systems & limited thinking and become leader in your field, making a big impact and build presence. 


She is a certified Visual & Performance Artist, Yoga & Tantra Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Performance Studies Researcher, Mindset Specialist, Relationship Expert, Emotions Educator, Abundance Guide, Manifestation Strategist, amongst completing many other certifications and trainings. 


Christina has invested in excess of time and money on her own personal development and business journey and takes pride in continuously learning and growing under the mentoring of key leaders in the fields of health, metaphysics, energy healing, spirituality and business.

Christina's Journey & Vision:The story behind a Leader


Christina was born with a sensitivity in the lower part of her body, which was causing her pain, discomfort and sometimes difficulties in mobility during her earliest years. Alongside the treatments and care of her mother, she was using her spontaneous healing ability to focus on the area where the pain takes place and steadily release pain. At some point this issue was totally healed and Christina managed to reverse not only her health but the whole physical structure of her body. 

She grew up in a 6-member Greek-Cypriot family of refugees in the South part of the island of Cyprus. The wounds of the war and post-traumatic stress was still experienced and embedded in her family and community. During her childhood she was listening to stories of the divide while building her identity based on that. As a highly sensitive child she was always expressing great compassion towards her family and other mourning figures and this enabled her to develop a deep understanding towards refugees and other minorities such as queers. later on as an artist she created sensorial experiences through the body that would create a new memory of the border for herself and others.

In her early adulthood, Christina experienced deep sadness and depression. Her highly sensitive nature, previous trauma and her broken identity due to the divide were catalysts for her desire and intention to work on her emotional & mental domain in order to find true happiness within. By understanding her condition in a personal and transpersonal level, and by investigating the psychological and metaphysical issues around it, she offered herself the opportunity to heal and become the person she came here to be and not the person she was conditioned to be by the constrains and corruption of society, religion and educational system. Even if this process took a long way through, many times along the way Christina realized and understood that every answer and every solution she used to seek was already within her Self. Therefore she learnt to seek all the answers within, to questions that were created from relationships, experiences, interactions and external factors in her everyday life, while shifting challenges into great discoveries. 

From a very young age she was drawn into arts, energy, spirituality and metaphysics. At the age of 13 she enrolled herself in a Music School and attended classes in Art & Design. She loved to study science, mathematics, psychology and books on self-development. She was a compassionate listener towards adults’ concerns in her family environment and a vivid entertainer for her classmates at school. She decided to travel to different countries in order to study singing and performance, motivated by her quest to understand and communicate the world through her own eyes, and her desire to discover herself through creative forms of expression. By the age of 27 she became internationally acclaimed in the field of Performance Art, which enabled her to bring all forms of expression into one.


Within a 10-years career in the art world, Christina was awarded with a special prize and produced an enormous body of work in an international scale as a visual artist, curator, educator, researcher, writer, artistic & managing director, creative entrepreneur, cultural worker, producer and founder of a non-profit organization & an award winning festival. Even though her artistic endeavors were quite successful, she was feeling that something was missing besides the success and recognition from her surrounding world and the various and expansive possibilities around her. Deep inside she was longing for a deeper connection with her own Self and the divine presence she was experiencing mainly during her live performances. She wanted to understand and explore that part of the whole experience more and bring a sense of belonging into her reality. Hence, in 2015, she began an in-depth investigation in energy work and metaphysics through the research of her own self, inside-out. 

Therefore at the peak of her career as an artist she decided to listen to the deepest desire of her Soul and draw her attention on her self-development and healing, accepting only a few invitations to perform. It was not easy to bring a closure to something she was acclaimed for, although Christina didn't want to be labeled with something that was not her entire essence. She felt that she has much more to give and that there is a greater power guiding her throughout this journey. Moreover she studied intensively and has been trained by some of the most respectful teachers in order to become a certified practitioner in many areas and subjects including yoga, tantra, meditation, healing, sacred geometry, nutrition, permaculture, metaphysics and transpersonal psychology.

Christina's desire to connect with her true essence, the Self, and simultaneously transmit authenticity and truth through her actions, art, initiatives and teachings, led her into a long journey of self-inquiry and transformation within the various fields she immersed herself. Consequently, her experience and knowledge across various areas and fields enabled her to bring a vast number of practices and methods together, alongside her own inventions, born through her personal experience, in order to create an innovative formula for self-transformation. On the other hand, working diligently with her self, created her own rebirth, knowing that this is the best gift she could ever offer to the world and the best way to heal others: by starting with one'e self first. Therefore, through the expansion of her inner knowledge and the ongoing discovery of her own Self, Christina created the pioneering SenseSelfEssence, which is offered internationally through residential & online courses, retreats and trainings.

Christina's challenging yet transformational phases in her life, made her realize every single time that what we seek is already within the Self. Therefore she learnt to transcend sadness into moments of bliss and therefore experience contentment in her everyday life, while manifesting and living her dreams, and continuously expanding through her ongoing personal evolution and spiritual awakening. Her desire is to share these gifts with the world, her students and followers through her signature programs that take place within the expansive frame of SenseSelfEssence, and guide people into their ultimate path and highest potential as sovereign, realized and enlightened beings.

What they said about Christina


"Christina is a true example of holistic living and a genuine healer from the heart,

eager to share her deep knowledge and suggest ways for self-improvement."


"What is unique about Christina, is her ability to alchemically transmute historical pain

into positive and constructive cultural engagements."


"I've never met someone so capable to teach and to take care of people like she did.

Christina is not just a teacher, she is a beautiful soul. During SenseSelfEssence she was able to guide us through our own personal way. I was following her words because I felt she was giving us all of herself.

I’m grateful to her, I am so happy I had this amazing experience.

I feel enriched, full of love and happiness, I feel I am my Self."


"Christina is simply amazing, she is a treasure.

The value of the knowledge she offers to us is priceless.

A beautiful, kind soul and heart. She is nurturing us and guiding us as needed.

Christina is a highly intuitive person, bringing light in the lives of people around her.

It is a true blessing to have her in my life. I thank her for being such an inspiring teacher and a beautiful being."


"Christina is a wonderful person, an exquisite teacher, an organized professional and a unique individual.

Her classes are truly illuminating."


"I felt a revival after my experience with Christina.

It was worth traveling for such a long time, to the other side of the planet in order to experience SenseSelfEssence.

I LOVE YOU Christina, thank you!"


"Conscious, caring, spiritual and above all an inspirational teacher. These are the characteristics of Christina.

Even from the first healing session with her I felt the difference in my energy.

One month after I couldn't believe that whatever came out that day from her mouth was becoming my reality!

SenseSelfEssence is for those who want to make positive changes in their lives and leave an impact to human race.

Thank you Christina for being in my life. A true angel!"


"Christina is an amazing teacher, kind & loving, ready to help you any time you need her guidance and support.

She really pays attention to her students' needs and plans the lesson according to them.

She is a true giver, a healer and a beautiful soul

and I feel so blessed that she came across my path and I can call her my spiritual teacher & my friend."


"From my very first lesson, I felt deeply at ease with Christina and supported both physically, mentally & spiritually.

Christina’s unique combinational training of SelfSenseEssence brought dramatic changes in my life.

Over the last six months I have quit long standing addictions, sleep more deeply, feel more positive and energized,

and have rekindled my creativity. I would stress that none of these changes were forced, I have simply begun to align

with my mind, body and soul, and with Christina’s enduring support, I am proudly walking my life’s journey."


"Christina was made to teach. I saw her channeling and generously offering wisdom during her teachings.

With her energy she makes you feel safe to be yourself.

Christina has a charisma: She can see inside of you and understand what your authentic identity is,

your qualities, your inclination, and she encourages and guides you properly with what you need and is best for you.

All these makes her an amazing leader, with enthusiasm, coordination, correct judgment, clear mind,

able to find solutions even under the pressure of time, understanding, trust in people, and love & passion in what she does.

I see her in a constant quest for new practices that await personal authentic revival, which results in a collective creative wave."