Christina Georgiou © 2019



site-specific live art performance

ΑΝΤΙ-ΣΚΗΝΟ 1st outdoor theater festival

Organized by Stelios Theocharous
Kato Pyrgos, Cyprus

25 August 2017
Duration: 50 minutes


Artist's body, wooden chair, stones, sea, audience members.

Description of action

I am standing on a wooden chair, which is fixed on the ground with a number of stones. I take one stone at each hand and I hold them with my arms raised until my hands cannot hold the stones anymore. The audience members give me the next stones in my hands. I repeat the same action until the audience members decide to take away all the stones from under the wooden chair. I call someone from the audience and I hold their hands. I step on the back side of the chair with the one foot and I let the chair fall on the ground. As soon as I reach the ground I embrace the person in front of me. I repeat the same action with several people while increasing the speed of my actions. Finally I decide to make the action myself without the support of another. I stand with the one foot at the back side of the chair and I leave my weight to drop the chair down on the ground. Then I take the chair and I walk towards the sea. The audience follow me. I throw the chair in the water and after standing still for a few moments in order to gaze at the chair, I exit the performance space.




"Σε καλώ να είσαι μαζί μου στον ίδιο χώρο, σε συν-χωρώ.

Για να μπορέσω όμως να σε έχω κοντά μου πρέπει πρώτα να αφήσω από πάνω μου ό,τι έχεις κάνει.

Πετώ τα λάθη σου στα βάθη της θάλασσας και δεν τα ξαναθυμάμαι πια. Τα πετώ άρα δεν τα κρατώ, δεν τα έχω πια.

Έτσι απομακρύνω, ρίχνω από πάνω μου όλα όσα έχεις κάνει, τα αφήνω και ύστερα, σε προσδέχομαι…σε συγχωρώ.

Μόνο έτσι μπορώ να είμαι μαζί σου στο εδώ και στο τώρα.”


Photography: Gabriel Pandelis