Antigone's Dream: Actions of Love

live performance installation

THE DREAM OF ANTIGONE :: Performance Art in Greece between the Seventies and Today

Exhibition in the context of the 3rd Venice International Performance Art Week "Fragile Body - Material Body"

Co-curated by Francesco Kiais | GAP Gathering Around Performance.

Venice - Italy

11, 12, 13 December 2016
Duration: 3 hours each day, total 9 hours


Artist's body, black dress with extension, bricks, old dead tree trunk & roots, rope, metal brush, audience members.

Description of action

I am standing on a pile of bricks which are situated in the middle of the room. I am wearing a long black dress which is extended to the front, creating a corridor while separating the space. I am holding a metal brush in my hand. My hair are separated in 9 sections and are connected with extensions which are attached to the roots of the dead tree which is hanging from the sealing. My face is covered from the hair. I push a brick to the ground with my foot and with a hand gesture I call the audience to give me the brick that has fallen. Then I take that brick and I start brushing it with the metal brush. I repeat the same action during the 3 days until all bricks are removed from under my feet, brushed and fallen at my side and on the floor. My dress is dusted from the brushing action and my face is finally uncovered as I am standing on the floor. Finally I make an eye contact with the audience members and I move my body while being connected with the tree. I finish my action in stillness.




An endeavor to touch the untold and the unseen under the layers of dreams, fears and desires, through a connection with the past, present and future – all at once in the here-and-now. It is a journey of finding the presence of love in our actions while questioning time, history, myth, power, ethics, life and death. 


Photography: Monika Sobczak (1st set of images) & Veronica Badolin (2nd set of images)

Dress construction: Maria Georgiou

"When Christina performs, the intensity the action she engages with is hypnotising. The sound of the brush on the bricks has created a new memory in me - one of those sounds that are called back in crucial moments of a person's life. The care (or the lack of it) that people put in handling the brick to her was, to me, a clear mirroring of their attitude in offering. It reminded me that we all need to keep learning how to be gentle and caring in making offers to ourselves."

~Giulia Mattera, 2016


Drawing by Elena Coco

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Drawings by David Dalla Venezia

Christina Georgiou © 2019