September 20, 2020

Our beloved Amna

No words 

and no actions

can describe the feelings 

and the depth of our experience 

when we welcomed you in this world.

Heart full of light. 

Soul full of wonderment. 

A remembrance of love and freedom. 

A glimpse of how it is to be fully in peace.

When we real...

August 22, 2020

Για την 'Aμνα

"Στο όνομα σου

μια γλυκιά ανυπομονησία,

μια βουβή λαλιά

και ένα συναπάντημα. 

Ήξερα πως σήμερα

θα' ρχόσουν.

Και ετοιμάστηκα. 

Και περίμενα στη σιωπή

και στον καυτό ήλιο της μέρας. 

Έλουσα τα μαλλιά μου,

φόρεσα το αγαπημένο μου φόρεμα, 

ετοιμάστηκα για να σε συναντήσω...

November 3, 2019

Never judge someone who keeps distance from others, you don't know how wounded they are from previous interactions and encounters, and how memories from previous incidents are remembered every time someone else tries to approach them.

Never judge someone who constantly...

October 1, 2019


is also hidden in sadness,

in grief,

in melancholy,

in your need to hear a voice telling you

how much

you are loved.

Beauty is not fully in happiness

or in a happy face,

or in a smile.

Beauty is in the acceptance of who you are.

If you allow yourself

to accept

and fully embr...

August 31, 2019

...And then I realized that we experience more than one birth in our life. And I recalled in my mind the promise I have made to my Self: “Never stop being who you are”.

During the last month, life has brought me a deeper understanding and realization within myself throu...

August 31, 2019

I felt a crack

and I allowed myself

to be fully broken.

Then the light came in.

Sometimes we need to loose the ground under our feet, and loose control, and allow ourselves to feel lost in the chaos of our thoughts and emotions in order to rebuild our life anew.

The need to...

August 31, 2019

Part I:

The Art of Teaching is a profound experience that should always be communicated and delivered from the heart.

True teaching is about fully seeing the others as equals through the essence we all share and through understanding and sensing their needs while guiding...

August 30, 2019

During a journey of transformation there is a moment of death, the death of the false self. It is the moment where we peel of another layer or layers of illusion and we come closer to our true essence, to who we truly are.

Another opportunity for transformation and rebi...

March 25, 2019

Dear Souls, 

In this article I wish to share with you “a day in my life" hoping that this will inspire you and give you ideas of how you can possibly form or adjust aspects in your day and make your daily life more potent for your benefit and higher good.

A day in my lif...

March 25, 2019

“Happiness exists beyond the Ego. We can begin our search into the mystery of happiness by recognising that the real pursuit of happiness is by its nature opposed to the gratification of sensual appetites.’’ ~Dr Swami Gitananda

In these words of Swami Gitananda I clearl...

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