site-specific live art performance

in collaboration with Fausto Gracia

2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival
Public spaces along the buffer zone, Nicosia - Cyprus

29 June 2014
Duration: 20 minutes


Artists' bodies, red boots, black elastic string, buffer zone, audience members.

Description of action

Christina is walking along the Green Line till she finds Fausto who is standing still in front of the ruins of the buffer zone. She goes next to him and she holds his hand. They look at each other and Fausto starts moving slowly by stepping out of the red boots in order to remain bare feet. Then they start walking together, making 40 steady and firm steps while Fausto is counting each step out loud in his native language. When they reach number 40 and 40 steps they stand opposite to each other. Christina takes the tip of the black elastic string, which is wrapped around Fausto's hand, and stays still. Fausto starts walking backwards, away from Christina, while unwrapping the string. When the elastic string is totally unwrapped and stretched, while they are still facing at each other, Fausto let goes of it and the elastic string rapidly bounces towards Christina. For a few moments they look at each other from far away and they finally disconnect.


Photography: Sophia Zapiti
Camera: Anna Papachristodoulou
Video: Christina Georgiou


Christina Georgiou © 2019