Christina Georgiou © 2019

Eternal Return #10


live performance

Nicosia Municipal Gardens, Nicosia - Cyprus
In the frame of "Park in Progress" artists residency that took place from 29 September to 5 November,

that took place at ARTos Cultural & Research Foundation

5 October 2014
Duration: 10 minutes


Artist's body, white dress, hula made out of burned tree branches, audience members.



Description of Action


I am standing inside a circle, which is formed with words that are shaped with charcoal powder. The phrase "In the process of becoming, being is constantly undone" surrounds me while I place the hula around my neck and I play with it, creating repetitive circles. As the hula is moving around my neck, charcoal from the burned tree branches of the hula are falling on the white dress that I am wearing.




“Eternal Return #10” is the 10th part of a series of performances that focus on repetition as a process of change and transformation, and where time is experienced as being not linear but cyclical and infinite. Inspired by the theme of “Park in progress” residency project in Nicosia, Christina Georgiou creates a live performance where she uses the idea of a circus ring, proceeding to a repetitive action. During the residency period Christina Georgiou collaborated with Maria Andreou, where through practical and theoretical exchanges, she formed the textual input of the performance.


Photography & Video: Maria Andreou