Eternal Return #12


live art performance

love (IN) [dis]order, group exhibition
BeatΠαζάρ space, Limassol - Cyprus

part of the artists residency that took place from 11-17 April 2016.

15 & 16 April 2016
Duration: 30 minutes each day


Artist's body, audience members.

Description of action

I am standing in the gallery space with my eyes closed when the audience members are asked to create a circle around me. I open my eyes and I firstly make eye contact with all the audience members. Then I leave from the center to go closer to a person. I first stand in front of this person and I look in their eyes. Then I hug this person for a few seconds and finally I walk back to the central position. I repeat the same action with almost all the audience members who are standing around me. Then I stay in the middle of the circle and I look someone in their eyes. I stay in the circle and I make the exact gesture of opening my arms, with the intention to hug the other person while leaning towards that person. Therefore the person who is standing in front of me, rushes to make a stop forward to catch me in order to prevent falling. I repeat the same action again and again while increasing the pace of my movement. The audience members come closer and closer to me till there is no space to fall anymore. At this moment I exit the circle and the gallery space.




From the series of performance art works under the general title "Eternal Return" - the twelfth art performance negotiates the bipolarity of a situation, the dis-order that is contained in the anarchic order. Where in each of its endings and beginnings it defines and is defined, it creates and is created, it evolves and is evolving, through a cyclical re-occurrence of opposing poles: Love and Fear.


Photography: Skevi Laou


Christina Georgiou © 2019