Eternal Return #2


live art performance

Performance and Live Art Platform

Centre of Cultural Creativity
Larnaca - Cyprus

21 July 2012
Duration: 30 minutes


Artist's body, 12 black elastic strings connected with 12 black plastic balls, black outfit, audience.

Description of action

I enter the space while holding a number of black elastic strings in my hand. These strings are connected with 12 black plastic balls. I place the balls on the ground and I kindly ask the audience members to come closer to me and to place themselves around me while creating a half circle. I first look at each audience member in their eyes. Then I take a ball from the ground and throw it to an audience member. I repeat the same action several times, but the ball comes back to me. Then I offer a ball to someone and I move backwards in order to stretch the elastic string. Later on all 12 balls are hold by 12 audience members, creating a non-verbal dialogue with the material and the performer, myself. The audience becomes part of the work and create the work together with the performer.





The project “Eternal Return” is a series of live performances where repetitive action is the fundamental element and where time is experienced as being not linear but cyclical. “Eternal Return” explores repetition while challenging the limits of the body. What if a repeated physical pattern is recurring and returning again and again? Is there an endeavor or a futility in this repeated action? The body revolves for an eternal return and therefore creates an infinite time and space. It constructs a repetitive routine that appears as a ritual through a cyclical form upon which the repetitive occurrence becomes unpredictable. There is an intention to examine the possibilities of chance and repetitive action in relation to the response of the physical and mental body that becomes erratic due to the physical tension caused by the endless recurrence. Therefore the idea of fragility appears both in the cause of the action and the body itself. The application of the existential definition of the constant return to a passing incident occurs through an experiential manner that evolves to a transformative experience.


“Eternal return” is inspired by Nietzsche’s notion of the eternal recurrence, – that manifests in life in a self-similar mode through an infinite number of times and through a cyclical infinite time and infinite space.


Photography: Despina Nicolaou & Petros Antoniou

Video: Markos Kassinos

Assistant: Kiki Argyrou


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