Eternal Return #6


live durational performance

TONIGHT Performance Art event
Suomenlinna island, Helsinki - Finland

23 May 2014
Duration: 4 hours (from midnight till sunrise)


Artist's body, black dress, earth field, broom  



Description of Action


I use a broom and with repetitive circular movements I concentrate the soil in the middle of the earth field while creating a pile. When the pile reaches a specific height I sit on the ground and I gaze the pile in silence.




The project “Eternal Return” is a series of live performances where repetitive action is the fundamental element and where time is experienced as being not linear but cyclical. “Eternal Return” explores repetition while challenging the limits of the body. What if a repeated physical pattern is recurring and returning again and again? Is there an endeavor or a futility in this repeated action? The body revolves for an eternal return and therefore creates an infinite time and space. It constructs a repetitive routine that appears as a ritual through a cyclical form upon which the repetitive occurrence becomes unpredictable. There is an intention to examine the possibilities of chance and repetitive action in relation to the response of the physical and mental body that becomes erratic due to the physical tension caused by the endless recurrence. Therefore the idea of fragility appears both in the cause of the action and the body itself. The application of the existential definition of the constant return to a passing incident occurs through an experiential manner that evolves to a transformative experience.


“Eternal return” is inspired by Nietzsche’s notion of the eternal recurrence, – that manifests in life in a self-similar mode through an infinite number of times and through a cyclical infinite time and infinite space.


Photography: Antti Ahonen


Christina Georgiou © 2019