Eternal Return #8


site-specific live art performance

2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival
Public spaces along the buffer zone, Nicosia - Cyprus

29 June 2014
Duration: 15 minutes


Artist's body, black dress, 9 pairs of scissors, green powder, audience members, buffer zone.

Description of Action


I am lying on the floor with 9 pairs of scissors connected to my hair and at the same time nailed on the ground, connecting me with the wooden floor. As soon as the audience members position themselves around me I start moving slowly until I disconnect myself from the ground or the scissors themselves. Then I place green powder in my eyes, creating green tears. I turn towards an audience member and I reach out for their hand. One after the other, I hold the hand of an audience member at a time and we walk together alongside the Green Line.



Photography: Sophia Zapiti
Camera: Anna Papachristodoulou
Video: Christina Georgiou


Christina Georgiou © 2019