live performance installation

TACTILE BODIES Performance Art Series & Exhibition

Organized by SENSORIUM SPACE. Curated by Nicolina Stylianou

Garage multicultural space, Nicosia - Cyprus

24 June 2017
Duration: 40 minutes


Artist's body, black outfit, white wall, soil, charcoal, water, air, ropes, 4 burlap bags arranged in space.

Description of action

I am standing in front of a white wall, expecting the audience to arrive. I begin my action by gazing each audience member first. I take the soil from the burlap bag which is placed on the floor and I shape the word EVOL on the ground. Then with an intense action of taping my legs on the floor, I proceed to complete the word with the same manner, to the word EVOLVE. I go to the next burlap bag which is placed upside down on the wall and as soon as I untie it, charcoals fall onto the ground. I place my hands under this pile of charcoals and then I write with my hands the word PASSION on the wall. Then with an intense action of clapping my hands, I proceed to write the letters COM with a piece of charcoal in front of the word PASSION. Therefore the word COMPASSION is revealed. Then I go to the next burlap bag where water is hidden under and I place myself under the running water. With my wet hair I write the word   on the ground. Then with my knees on the ground I start shaking my upper body and hands till I reshape the previous word with the word   in the same manner. The words are transparent and nobody can see, but can guess from the movement of the hand and hair. Then I move towards the 4th burlap bag and I stand under it while covering my upper body and head. I take the air out of the bag while breathing in. With an intense and audible breathing I move in the space till I stand still in the middle of the space and with my index finger I write the word TRUTH  in the air. Immediately after this I walk towards each person in the room and I intensively look at them in their eyes. Finally I stand still in the center of the room and with my next out-breath I close my eyes. The lights in the room are off simultaneously, and when the lights are back on, the letters L O V appear in front of the word EVOLVE.




(IM)MUTABLE deals with the changeable and unchallengeable substance of being in constant becoming. Through the unity of the senses it endeavors to evoke the idea of what is real or true according to what we touch, see, smell, taste, hear and generally experience. It specifically refers to the possibility of touch or the imagination of it through a tactile body, and by stimulating tactile sensations through the visual medium of performance, it brings the potential of tactility, even when the haptic body is left physically untouched. (IM)MUTABLE challenges our perception of truth and reveals its mutable and immutable essence. It questions the fluctuating occurrences experienced through the bodily senses, mainly through a tactile body, which form or interpret our reality and enlightens those elements in the human being that remain absolute through its transformation.


Photography: Maria Spivak
Camera: George Athanasiou


Christina Georgiou © 2019