In the real(m) of life


site-specific live art performance

Athens Photo Festival APhF:11,
Technopolis - Gazi, Athens - Greece

4 November 2011
Duration: 2 hours (during sunset)


Artist's body, green dress, 9 scissors, hair, earth, outside space, sunset.

Description of action

I sit down on the outside spaces of Technopolis and I put my hair in front of my face. I separate my hair in 9 parts and with each hair part I create a braiding. When I finish each braiding I attach a pair of scissors at the edge. When I finish this action I stand up and I walk slowly towards the garden area. As soon as I reach the green grass I position myself closer to the earth where I put the scissors with force on the ground. Then I pull my body back in an endeavor to detach my hair from the scissors. I repeat this action several times. The scissors remain connected to my hair. Then I take the same scissors which are connected to my hair and I cut the hair in order to detach the 9 pairs of scissors from the organic body. When the scissors fall on the ground, I uncover my face, I look at the audience and I walk away.


Photography: Madalina Androne & Demosthenis Agrafiotis
Camera: HOPE
Video: Christina Georgiou

Dress making: Froso Mavrou


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