Offerings from Christina

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Visionary Leadership

Christina passionately leads individuals and soul families to their Higher Purpose through her pioneering initiative: SenseSelfEssence. Through her connection to Source, awakens individuals or groups of people, and shifts their perception of reality through her presence and spoken word, and brings awareness to audience members of all kinds. Christina can see and show the way to effectively and methodically manifest visions into reality, for the highest good of all. Her desire is to guide people to be sovereign beings in their personal life and awaken leaders in their business and community.

Transformational Coaching & Energy Healing

Christina designs and offers one-to-one private sessions to individuals who wish to transform their lives in all levels. Her coaching programs and energy healing sessions are designed to provide a holistic experience that provides a strategic journeying within so that individuals do not get lost in the way. During the sessions & transmissions, Christina, intuitively connects with the adept, and provides these formulated programs in a customized form, and assists their healing process that leads to their higher purpose, while supporting them in the transition from the old self to their Authentic, True Self. 

Expansive & Heart-Centered Learning

Christina, through her school SenseSelfEssence, conducts and realizes heart-centered educational programs delivered through her unique way of sharing and teaching. Her teaching modality is an amalgamation of various practices, including her own unique strategies, which are fused together to form a complete, up-to-date transformative and expansive experience. Through her signature programs she guides people into their Divine Essence and Being, in order to remember their true Self and understand that everything they seek lies within themselves and there is no reason to seek without.