Christina Georgiou © 2019


site-specific live art performance

Kapani Project

performance curated by Alexandros Plomaritis

Kapani Market, Thessaloniki - Greece

4 November 2017
Duration: 12 minutes


Artist's body, white outfit, wine, wine glasses, white cotton ropes, white charcoal.

Description of action

I place 8 glasses filled with frozen wine shaping a half circle around me. Each glass is are connected with a white cotton rope. I turned around my back and I write on the ground the word ΕΓΩ (I) with white chalk. Then I turn again towards the glasses, I take the 8 white ropes and I place each one of them between my fingers. As I stand in the middle of the space, I am surrounded by the glasses of wine while shaping my hands in the gesture of prayer. Then I pull up the white ropes while lifting upside down in the air all the glasses. The frozen wine melts on my clothes and the floor. Then I place the glasses and the ropes back on the floor while arranging them in a line with each glass placed in a small distance between the next one. I asked the help of 2 audience members and with their assistance I manage to step on the bottom of each glass, in order to walk through and reach the other side of the line. With white chalk I write the greek word ΕΙΜΙ (AM) and I exit the performance space.




Τοποθετώντας τον Εαυτό σε ένα σταυροδρόμι από επιλογές, ευθύνες, αντιδράσεις και αλληλεπιδράσεις προκύπτει η δημιουργία ενός παιχνιδιού αέναων συνειρμών οι οποίοι τρέχουν να γεμίσουν την απουσία στο ερώτημα "Ποιός Είμαι;".


Photography: Efi Zerbouli, Thalia Zachariadou & Kapani Project