live art performance

Group Exhibition "Co-operation"
Theatre Academy Helsinki - Finland

9 & 10 September 2010
Duration: 2 days / 4 hours each day


Tina B. Prague Contemporary Art festival

(Bio Oko Cinema) Prague - Czech Republic

21 October 2011

Duration: 3 hours


Artist's body, needles, hair of other people, a pair of scissors, thimble, sponge, long off-white skirt, golden color podium, black carpet, audience members.

Description of action

For the period of one year I have been collecting the hair of people I encounter: friends, family, people in the street, passers-by and strangers. Before the performance I prepared some of the hair and I pass them through the needles while placing the needles on a sponge. During the performance I sew the hair on my palms in front of the audience, The first day I sew the hair on the right hand and the second day I sew the hair on the left hand.



When the hair are separated from ourselves they are still part of our body and this idea of sewing the hair back to the skin is about giving life to this detached part of someone else's body. Is about accepting a part of someone’s identity and DNA and even accepting the pain that occurs through this connection. This poetic but also literal action of connecting the body with a part of someone else's body creates an expansion of this encountered intimacy which has previously occurred, also during the action of the performance. The performer becomes a living sculpture in the space while at the same time the intensity of the use of the body transforms the body and especially the hands to an unfamiliar object. The two hands through the simple action of sewing give another means to the object used. The detached hair are reconnected back to the flesh and become part of the body of an-other. The action process that shapes the performance itself empowers the connection of the self with the other through the notion of ‘intercorporeality’ while offering a new form to the material and the body alike.


Photography: Davide Pavone, Melissa Garcia Aguirre & Snežana Golubović
Camera: Tomasz Szrama
Video: Christina Georgiou


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