To travel is...

Travel is the transportation from one place to another.

It is about being in action or being the action itself.

Travelling is neither departing, nor arriving.

Travelling is moving, and moving again.

To travel is to move in a constant manner, is to unfold a journey.

While travelling one neither thinks of leaving something behind, neither dreams of a destination.

Travel is flux, and during change one stays constantly in the present moment.

Travelling is to be here, now, yet is to continuously move.

Otherwise there is no travelling, but going somewhere.

Travelling is not about arriving to a place, is to pass by and leave again.

To travel is to move, find your-Self and get lost.

To be in an endless wander, yet feel an ongoing contentment during the journey.

Travel is the journey itself, a journey without beginning or ending.

It is a voyage where destination is non-existent or forgotten.

It is about fully immersing the Self to new findings and discoveries, yet be totally detached.

It is the present, and the ability to rest in the present when keep moving.

When I travel I am the travel itself.

Travel is my home.

©  Christina Georgiou

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