5 steps to setting an authentic intention

Today I will discuss about the process of setting an intention.

It’s been a long time since I have been intending to write an article about the proper way we set an intention. It seems to be an action that is frequently used in the spiritual circles but at the same time it is a concept that is so easily misunderstood.

We can say that intention is something you can create, plan, think of and share with others. Moreover the motivation behind your intention might not be obvious or transparent, or the space from which this intention comes from might not be clear. Intention can come from a space of positivity or negativity, peace or anger, love or hate, or even a space from uncertainty and doubt. It may also come from a space of manipulation, appeared as a positive and beneficial thing, but the reason behind it might have nothing to do with what it appears to be.

Therefore before setting an intention you need to be aware of yourself and examine the feeling or emotion from where the intention is coming from. You need to be aware of the process that your intention is born. Does it come from your wounds or a higher state of consciousness? Does it come from a space of joy and appreciation or is it another mask of the ego and the survival instinct?

Firstly it is extremely important to set an intention before we begin something and secondly it is essential to make the right intention. A right or proper intention is the one that is beneficial for our highest good (not for the good of our false ego) and the general good at the same time.

So how do we set an authentic intention?

I will describe the 5 steps I also share with my students during my classes and retreats. You can start with these steps and I recommend that you feel free to add or make your own when you feel like it:

1. The outer Space/ Environment: The first step is about finding your ideal location where you can generate your intentions - Spend time in Nature or in an indoor space that you decorate in the way you like, a place that totally inspires you. Your home or work place should be an ideal environment for you in order to feel relaxed, safe and healthy. Creating a physical place or environment that can “accommodate” this process it is the foundation where you can start creating the inner space in order to formulate your intentions.

2. The inner space: The second step is to create or connect with the proper conditions in your mind and heart in order to be able to form the proper intentions, the ones that are in alignment with your highest good. If you are tired, angry or in conflict with yourself or others this is definitely not the time to place an intention. A walk in nature, meditation, yoga, conscious breathing, spending time with people who truly care and love you are a few things that can raise your vibration, open your heart and assist you to be in a positive state and mindset. So from that state of being you can move on to the next step.

3. Tuning in: Before you start creating an intention seat in a comfortable upright position with your spine aligned and tune in. You can tune in the space of your heart. A pure intention does not come from the mind. Close your eyes, connect with your breath and totally relax while observing every inhalation and exhalation as it occurs during the natural flow of your breath. Connect with your inner Self, go deeper and deeper with every breath. Give the proper time for this connection. Now you are ready to place your intention.

4. Setting an intention: A pure intention comes clearly and spontaneously from a space of calmness and surrender. You will know. The mind tends to doubt and analyze. If you are aware enough you will recognize when the inner voice speaks and when the mind intervenes. Trust the process. If you feel unsure or lost connect with your breath again and start over. When you are ready to state internally or express vocally your intention always use present tense: “My intention is to…” and complete the blank.

5. Gratitude: After placing your intention thank your Self as if this intention is already accomplished. It is done. Believe deep inside of you that you are already experiencing your intention by visioning yourself in the situation you are intending to. Breathe in and allow. Exhale and relax in gratitude. Stay in this energy for as long as you want as long as you keep the energy of gratitude alive. Open your eyes when you are ready. Smile.

An authentic intention that is charged with the energy of the heart, the focus of the mind and the feeling of the authentic Self as part of this process can truly transform your life. Never doubt an intention like that. Always believe in your power and ability to create and manifest everything you want.

I love you.

Heart to Heart,


©  Christina Georgiou

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