A day in my life

Dear Souls,

In this article I wish to share with you “a day in my life" hoping that this will inspire you and give you ideas of how you can possibly form or adjust aspects in your day and make your daily life more potent for your benefit and higher good.

A day in my life includes several aspects that I have chosen for my highest good in order to feel well, be well and function well. A day in my life includes practices that are beneficial for my body, mind and soul alignment and contribute into my higher purpose, goals and desirable outcomes. Every day is slightly different and therefore I adjust things in order to balance activities with proper rest.

So what a day in my life includes:

1. The first thing I do in the morning after I wake up is to connect with the Source-Self while expressing gratitude and aligning with who I truly AM. This is also my everyday intention.

2. After my morning meditation I proceed to the bathroom and I practice my cleansing yogic routine for teeth, tongue and nose.

3. Then I go in the kitchen and I drink a shot of pure aloe vera juice with empty stomach. At the same time I prepare a hot cup of herbal tea.

4. I then teach a yoga class or I go to the park. There I do my half an hour morning run. As soon as I finish running I drink the herbal tea that my body takes in with great pleasure.

5. I come back home in order to do my morning yoga/movement/dance practice that focuses mainly on strengthening the core, and connect with the creative side of myself through artistic means. Therefore my mornings are focused on activating, energizing and uplifting myself, before I move into offering anything else to others.

6. Then I have a shower and I go to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast, which is probably seasonal fruits or a vegan smoothie.

7. After breakfast I make a plan for the day, check emails, do some writing, studying and see a few clients for healing or coaching sessions.

8. Midday I mindfully prepare and receive a vegan lunch or I meet a friend to share lunch together. Immediately after lunch I make a conscious post in my account in Social Media communicating the feeling or thought that has passed intuitively through me during my morning routine in order to be expressed to the world.

9. Then I take a good rest by lying down and consciously breath or I expose myself in the Sun for at least 20 minutes. Resting properly in the middle of the day it helps me recharge and keep a high level of energy till the end of the day.

10. In the afternoon I see a few more clients or I do my own study/research.

11. In the late afternoon I clean and prepare the space for the evening yoga and meditation class that I teach. The classes’ duration is 3 hours.

12. After the classes I spend some time connecting with my cat, reading a book, writing the last post of the day for Social Media, and/or watching a documentary on spirituality and metaphysics.

13. And finally the last thing I do is to express gratitude, do my evening meditation and sleep.

*During the weekends I do not teach or see clients and therefore I spend more time in Nature and connect with my Soul Family. I give an emphasis on deeper rest before I start the new week. This is also a time for me to travel and to apply healing on myself.

Thank you for reading, and remember that everything you seek lies within your Self.

Heart to Heart,


©  Christina Georgiou

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