Being (truly (together) in) Love

Being truly together with you does not mean to be inseparable.

To be truly with you, I need to know how to be with my own self first.

If I cannot live without you, then I cannot be with my own self either.

My love for you is incomplete as I come from a space of incompleteness.

When I am in need I am not able to love my own self.

When I am in need I cannot love you.

And the emptiness inside of me cannot be filled with your presence, neither with your love.

Love comes when I feel the completeness in my own presence.

Love exists already in your absence.

Love is when I let go of all I need.

True love and companionship appear to me when the company of my own self fulfills my heart with sweetness.

Only then I can truly meet you in the space of the heart and co-exist with you in harmony.

Otherwise I would need to fill in my gabs with your lack.

This is not what Love is.

There is no solid foundation for such kind of love.

Love is not about me taking what I need from your empty space.

This is not Love.

True Love is to give firstly to the Self and then share the surplus of that Self-Love.

Otherwise relationships are created out of need, instead of blooming out of Love.

This is not Love either.

When I recognise the Love I Am, then I understand how to Love you.

Love is my natural state, it is who I am. I just need to remember who I am.

Then I can meet you. In Love.

Then, Love Is.

When I exist in the energy of pure love, there is nothing separate from me, not you and not everyone else. I am that, and everything else around me is that.

There is nothing to Love anymore, but being Love itself.

Therefore it is not about Loving you.

It is about vibrating in Love, by understanding who I am.

And by doing so, I can be In Love with you.

Being in Love is to be separate and together at the same time, it is to be free.

As love is everywhere, within and without us, there is no lack of it and there is no lack of you in my heart.

I am Love, and only by experiencing this deeply, I Love You and the whole existence.

Love is who we are.

Coming into that space of Love might be painful, but I trust the process of learning to be who I am and who we are.

Arriving in the space of Love, separateness becomes oneness, whether I am with you or without you.

The Love I am, the Love you are, are One.

I, Love.

©  Christina Georgiou

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