My everyday life: a conscious daily and weekly plan

I wanted to begin this new year with a conscious plan for my everyday life. This means that I want to be aware and conscious for the choices I make and additionally to be the conscious creator of my everyday life as life flows.

Moreover in this article I share with you my daily routine and conscious habits as it is formed and developed recently and I will also try to give some tips and ideas of how you can create your own everyday life routine in the way you mostly desire.

A day for me includes several tasks, practices and rituals such as my yoga practice, morning meditation, writing, teaching, coaching, healing, studying, blogging, reading, cooking, spending time with my beloved ones, and walking or running in nature. The weekend includes seminars & workshops I conduct or trainings I attend, trips to the mountains or abroad, alone or with the company of my friends and family.

I choose to have a basic routine that works as a foundation for my everyday life yet allow further possibilities and incidents to occur and fit in without pressure and stress. For example, every Sunday I choose the things I want to do in the following week. Then I write those things on specific days in my calendar by dedicating specific days to specific purposes. Also I allow enough time between activities for a small pause and therefore to be able to make the proper transition from one activity to another. While doing this I allow enough time between major activities in order to rest, recharge and rejuvenate.

Every Monday the first thing I do is to begin the week by setting an authentic intention (read how to do this in the previous article of December) before proceeding to my daily and weekly routine. Monday is also a day which I dedicate to the creation and development of new recipes, to gardening and to connect to Mother Earth through various ways.

On Tuesday I focus mainly on teaching through my yoga & meditation classes, healing & coaching sessions with students and clients with the proper time to rest in between.

Wednesday is a day in the middle of the week, therefore I choose to make something different in order to “break” the idea of the routine. This day is a self-centered day which is mainly dedicated to myself. In the first half of the day I choose to do something that relaxes me and reconnects me to myself deeper. This would be a kind of treatment, such as a massage, a daily trip or a long walk in nature. After a good treatment in the first half of the day, I spend the rest of the day, till Thursday afternoon, studying, reading, writing, blogging, and watching educational films or documentaries.

From Thursday afternoon my routine is more or less the same as Tuesday, where I focus mainly on teaching through my yoga & meditation classes, healing & coaching sessions with students and clients. Friday continues with similar activities in the morning and sometimes early afternoon and then the weekend begins.

From Friday afternoon till Sunday evening I dedicate my time in two main things: self-healing and resting. I find it very beneficial and productive not to mix anything else rather than resting with the process of self-healing. Therefore I enjoy these days by doing these two things with no fixed time or duration. And I usually choose to be stay in Nature, away from the city. Also once a month or once every two months I travel abroad, as I consider traveling an immense part of my evolution, inspiration and self-healing.

By the evening of Sunday I know already what I want to do for the next week and I begin to focus my energy onto the new manifestations and everyday miracles ahead.

My personal routine gives me the flexibility to experience freedom and joy within the structure of my everyday life. I am able to have a routine that does not consume me or drain my energy. And I must say that this took me many years to achieve by observing my emotions and needs throughout the journey and by making several changes throughout the year regarding my schedule and choices. I also had to examine my personal limits in relation to the outside world and when to say yes or now in my daily decisions and interactions.

My daily routine is a creative frame that helps me to expand by giving me the freedom to express my creativity instead of placing restrictions and limits on my expression. In that way I get inspired from life as I give the proper meaning and attention to it and I allow myself to be the creator of my life and therefore enjoy every moment of my everyday life.

What I would recommend to you is simple:

Firstly ask yourself what is that you really want from your everyday life.

Secondly know that only you can choose to make a difference in your life.

Thirdly consider that nothing can stop you from doing so!

Then use these 6 simple steps to proceed:

1. Write down the things you want to do in the next week and set an authentic intention (read how to do so in the previous article of December).

2. Place them in a sequence with the main priorities at the beginning of your list.

3. Decide the time you want to spend for each activity and write each activity and its time-frame in your schedule. Always ask yourself what is the proper time you should be using for every activity according to your previous experience.

4. Allow gaps of at least 15’-30’ between each activity so you do not feel overwhelmed. Making a pause between activities will recharge you and will keep you going.

5. In your schedule note also the things that you normally would only do or remember to do when there is available time. I advice you to think of the following alongside the rest of your activities as equally important: time for rest / doing absolutely nothing, hanging out with friends, cuddle time with your pets, quality time with your kids, go for a walk, enjoy a romantic dinner, spending time in nature, make a trip abroad, cook for yourself and/or your partner, and others things you enjoy or love doing.

6. Last but not least, remember to express gratitude for everything you have and enjoy in life, every single day. This is your fuel and the starting point for the next week!

And always remember that everything you seek is within your Self!

Heart to Heart,


©  Christina Georgiou

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