A shift from Competition to Authenticity

A recent personal experience and incident brought me in front of an immense issue that concerns humanity and many times appears to be a catalyst in people’s path and higher purpose. Through intuitive investigation I received specific information and guidance that I decided to share with you, because I know that this will soften your heart as it did mine. It immediately allowed me to trust myself and everything I am, give into my higher purpose and surrender to what it is. I hold this information inside my heart as it assisted me to go deeper into my own Self, heal, transcend and transform issues that do not serve me at this phase of my life, and focus even more to what I came here to do through SenseSelfEssence. My intention is not to create negative assumptions around this subject, but to stimulate awareness and create sympathy for ourselves by accepting our very own darker sides and by understanding from where these issues arise or come from and how they are created or triggered.

During my travel to Greece, I visited different places including the ancient site of Olympia. As soon as I entered this place I immediately felt as I was entering another realm, a different dimension. I could not perceive or think of time in a linear manner, rather an openness, spaciousness and immediately present, that place was perceived by myself beyond its significant historicity. It felt as an ongoing now, without an understanding of before and after. As I was moving in the ancient site I entered the stadium. I started walking around it by moving towards a specific direction without knowing that this was the actual direction which was used at that time by the athletes. Then a glimpse of remembrance came through intense emotional means. I observed it, and I let it be. After more than the half of the way I stopped and sat on the beautiful green grass around the ancient stadium. I closed my eyes and connected to my breath…Then everything was revealed to me.

The message I received and today I share with you is something that everyone needs to know. It involves the performance of competition and the failure for authenticity and how this affects our lives and souls. Due to the way that society positions us in the world, and the way that schools are approaching our learning are in fact some of the most effective parameters that assist the development of competition inside and outside of us. On the other hand, family members, friends, and the environment we live in, due to the way they were treated, once again they place the seed of competition inside relationships because they do not know any other way, or because they are afraid of coming second. We compete others with ourselves without even knowing it, because we think we are not enough, but this is not true, we are taught to do so, unconsciously.

I will speak out of my own intuitive investigation and the divine message I received that day without adding any historical information or scientific proofs. Just raw information in the exact way I received it. More like a feeling in my gut.

Competition was a fundamental aspect in the psychosynthesis of the athletes, especially of that times, even though it is still a psychological behavior that arises in our everyday lives, relationships and professions. A trade that we carried on, which can take different forms and expressions. At those times though, in ancient Greece, competition - the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others - was a basic need, a survival instinct in the same way food is. People at those times, used to connect the idea and the act of surviving with that of winning, and winning with the fact that they will receive a great recognition and acceptance from others and their nation in general. Preparing themselves for this achievement was their only priority, a high commanded, controlled and disciplined routine that was beyond limits due to the fact that the outcome was the only important thing and nothing else. The action of winning or coming first, was essential for one’s life, it valued their life itself.

Inside the Museum of Olympic Games, just next to the archeological site, the labels and their descriptions were proving additions to my intuitive founding. It was clearly stated that the fundamentals of this aspect (need), as described above, exist in the instinctual need for honor and emulation, and exists within all people. The roots to that cause come from the prehistorical times and they connect with the activities that each person developed for their survival, to provide food and safety for themselves, which are the most fundamental needs in one’s life. Therefore for the prehistoric people and for the athletes in ancient Olympia, this is connected primarily with their life and existence. How much this is affecting the life of the people who live today in the contemporary world? And how this trade is still carried out in one’s idiosyncrasy? In addition to that, the powerfully competitive mood of ancient Greeks was directly interlinked with the notion of victory and reward and this was clearly depicted in the representations of the awarding ceremonies, which are an important source of information in combination with the displayed prizes and the labels they accompany inside the museum.

I continued my intuitive reception, and as I began to understand and recognize the competitive nature of the ancient Greeks and the competitive attitude that people still appear to have, I received the impulse that this is a false, illusionary and outdated way of surviving, and I am here to tell you this. The message that came to me, and now I am privileged to share it with you through this blog, is that there is no such thing as competition, there is no actual “need” for it. Neither one should ever believe that in order to be truly worthy is to opt to become better than someone else, nor one should ever believe that if someone else succeeds better into something that would place him/her in a lower position. This is only a false belief connected to the survival aspect and it needs to be healed within us all in order to transcend and rise above.

The truth is that each and every one of us holds the essential primal mater inside, which can be expressed in myriads of different ways. Everyone is unique, you need to know that. You just need to turn inwards and recognize that aspect in a deeper level, and through this process you will be able to accept the success of others without feeling not-good-enough if this doesn’t not happen to yourself at that specific time. You will be able to assist others in their path instead of pushing them down because of your insecurity and idea that someone else might be better than you in what you do. All these come from a deeper unconscious factor that is connected to the survival instinct and the fear of dying. What you need to do is to dig in, move closer to the Self and recognize the primal matter you are, instead of looking outside and comparing yourself with others.

There is no such thing as “I am better than you” or “I want to be like you”. This is not possible to happen as what we hold inside us can be expressed and manifested to the world in a unique manner, and this is what you need to do. If you compare yourself to others or if you consider yourself better or worse that others, then you will never understand your own essence and reach your potentiality, and therefore you will not be able to create your own path. This is the wrong way to do so. The only way to be the best you can is to be yourSelf, to recognize the divine essence within you and express it in your own unique way. You need to recognize who you are first. And this recognition is essential in order to bring our to the world who you truly are. This is the ultimate honesty that makes you authentic without struggle, but with much joy. Forget what others said to you before, forget what you said to yourself and others and step into the Self. The journey begins from here.

©  Christina Georgiou

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