A death.

I felt a crack

and I allowed myself

to be fully broken.

Then the light came in.

Sometimes we need to loose the ground under our feet, and loose control, and allow ourselves to feel lost in the chaos of our thoughts and emotions in order to rebuild our life anew.

The need to control and the restrictive behavioral patterns alongside the resistance to pain is what hold us back from breaking the illusion and loosing the control that makes us stiff and inflexible to adaptability and the flow of life.

Bending our expectations and allowing fixations to collapse is essential for our evolution. There is no way to move further without breaking your comfort zone and without releasing the old.

I need to move,

there is no other way

to metamorphosis.

I will die for my rebirth.

Thank you for reading, and remember that everything you seek lies within your Self.

Heart to Heart,


©  Christina Georgiou

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