The Art of Teaching - part I & II

Part I:

The Art of Teaching is a profound experience that should always be communicated and delivered from the heart.

True teaching is about fully seeing the others as equals through the essence we all share and through understanding and sensing their needs while guiding them towards their highest potential. This means that not all practices can be applied for all and a teacher should be aware of that.

As a teacher I dedicate my life in the Art of Teaching, with the intention to offer a range of practices yet always connect with the energy of the students, in order to provide what is appropriate, at the right place and at the right time.

The people I share my teachings with, my students, are also my teachers, where through their presence I am blessed to bring out of me everything that my Soul is here in this lifetime to share. Through them, with an open heart, I am learning to be true, authentic, fragile, humble, vulnerable and open in order to receive new experience and knowledge, and therefore proceed in my path.

In this way we both know that there is no hierarchy between student and teacher. Both are equal and through their interaction they can assist each other to develop in a more updated and authentic way. Not with the use of words, but with full acceptance, equality and love in this form of sharing.

This is the truest form of teaching for me and at the same time a great blessing, for me and for them: To know and truly apply the knowledge that everything we seek lies within the Self.

Part II:

Many times is not about what you say but the way to say it.

And there are also times where you do not have to say anything at all apart from being in the energy you want to bring the others in.

70% of what others perceive from us does not come from what we say (or teach), but rather from what we emit through our energy, gestures, body language and state of being.

Therefore being a teacher is not about what you teach, it is mostly about the inner work you do and how your own experience is transmitted as embodied knowledge to others.

The only way to truly teach someone is not by learning a book or repeating a fancy sentence, but rather by bringing out the wisdom that stems from your own knowledge and experience after you practiced and embodied in you and your everyday life.

Teaching is not about transferring information, is about how to guide others to find the most appropriate and relevant way for them in order to reach their higher potential.

Because everything you seek lies within your Self, not in others and not in your teacher.

Thank you for reading!

Heart to Heart,


©  Christina Georgiou

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