is also hidden in sadness,

in grief,

in melancholy,

in your need to hear a voice telling you

how much

you are loved.

Beauty is not fully in happiness

or in a happy face,

or in a smile.

Beauty is in the acceptance of who you are.

If you allow yourself

to accept

and fully embrace your sadness

or any emotion that comes and goes,

than moment of accepting

your human self,

it is the moment where acceptance itself brings beauty.

The beauty of who you are,

the beauty to be in your vulnerability.

The acceptance of it IS beauty itself.

The acceptance of the state where you are right now IS beauty itself.

This acceptance brings empowerment,

it’s a shift,

a realization,

that whoever you might be,

whatever you might feel,

you are still accepted,

you are still loved,

you are still cared of,

you are still the source of all creation.

Whatever happens,

whatever you might feel,

as long as the awareness of what comes up within yourself is present,

and knows that all you go through are not who you truly are,

yet you accept all that with no resistance,

then you can transform yourself by transcending every little thing.

This is the passage to go out,

this is the way to go in,

this is the gate to enter the Self,

in a proper way,

from a place of acceptance,

from a place of vulnerability,

from a place of empowerment.

From the position of who you truly are.

The moment you feel weak,

the moment you feel vulnerable, hurt, rejected,

if you totally accept that and totally accept yourself in that way,

if you totally surrender,

then at that moment you are entering the Self,

at that moment you are love itself,

at that moment you are truth,

at that moment you are whole.

Being fully accepted by your own self is what you need, regardless of how others perceive you and regardless of how you perceive yourself.

Thank you for reading, and remember that everything you seek lies within your Self.

Heart to Heart,


©  Christina Georgiou

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