Never judge someone without knowing their story

Never judge someone who keeps distance from others, you don't know how wounded they are from previous interactions and encounters, and how memories from previous incidents are remembered every time someone else tries to approach them.

Never judge someone who constantly shares and expresses their happiness, you don't know how much sadness they experienced before and how much they desired to be in the state they are now.

Never judge someone who wants to succeed and make money, you don't know for how long their pockets were empty and for how long they worried wether or not they will be able to support themselves financially.

Never judge someone who enters and exits relationships, you don't know how much pain they endured within a relationship, which might made them believe that love does not exist.

Never judge someone who posts their selfies or stories about themselves, you don't know for how long they've been struggling with their self-image and self-worth, and for how long they’ve been hiding behind their own or somebody else’s shadow.

Never judge someone who asks and fights for justice, you don't know how many times in the past they were victims of injustice and how many times they felt small or neglected in front of the big.

Never judge someone who needs to have everything under control, you don’t know that they suffered from low self-esteem and traumatic past experiences, which made them feel the need to be in control.

Never judge someone who appears to be a perfectionist, you don’t know how many times during childhood their parents demanded specific behavior and achievement in order to be accepted and loved.

Never judge someone who is rebellious or reacts in that way towards society, you don’t know how strict their upbringing was and how harsh their parents were towards them regarding discipline and learning.

Never judge someone who takes no responsibility about their actions, you don’t know that the strict parenting they experienced during childhood took away the opportunity from them to internalize self-discipline and responsibility regarding their behavior.

Never judge someone who constantly asks for attention and reassurance, you don’t know how many times they were rejected from their friends, family and environment in the past and that through attention and reassurance they seek to feel accepted and loved.

Never judge someone who puts firm boundaries, you don’t know how many times their physical, mental and emotional boundaries were violated by others and for how long they suffered abuse.

Do not make assumptions for people if you are unable to love them or if you cannot feel compassion for them first.

Open your heart.

Thank you for reading, and remember that everything you seek lies within your Self.

Heart to Heart,


©  Christina Georgiou

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