Being present in love

Do you know what it means to be fully present in a relationship, during an interaction or conversation or even during silence in the presence of another person? Do you know what it means to be fully aware and conscious of yourself when you share time and space with someone you love?

I always feel that this is essential but only recently I realized deeply within me how important is to be fully there for someone, to be fully present with all my senses, especially for the people I love the most.

Firstly, being present for someone is a conscious decision. It’s about being aware of every breath, thought and energy you emit, looking the other person in their eyes, fully embrace them with your energy and say or show something specific at the right time and at the right place for the person you care of. Therefore, making this constant decision brings you to the present moment, making your everyday life a conscious one.

Secondly, being present for your beloved is a choice of love and commitment, probably the most essential one as you make the conscious decision to be available for the other person whenever they need to, not by neglecting your own needs but through an understanding of making time to listen, to be with and to express your love and compassion towards this person.

Thirdly, being present for the one you love and share with the most is like watering a flower in order to grow and enjoy its beauty and blossoming as you nourish it. Therefore it is not only about the other person, it is also about you, you are also benefited from this process.

I am learning to go deeper into this conscious decision, to be firstly fully present within myself and therefore fully present for the one I love. Every day I realize how important is to be present in my relationships, especially the most intimate ones. By being present every gap can be filled up and every uncertainty can be dissolved, every wound can be taken care of and every trauma can be healed.

Being present in love is essential. Love is presence itself, although we need to be conscious and aware of being present because love on its own can be “hidden" sometimes and only by revealing it constantly through our energy, words and actions we can overpass the possibility to loose ourselves and the other person in the little things of daily life. By being present we will never miss a thing.

The power of a loving presence within a relationship through a loving interaction can heal us and others. Presence is a healing tool for wounds and traumas that come to the surface in order to be released. Being conscious and aware during a situation like this is crucial. Being available through the transformative power of presence can truly heal emotions of abandonment and rejection which are the most painful ones.

We need to be present even the times we get hurt, even the times we want to step back and even the times we think that things just don’t work out. Because only by staying in a loving presence things can quickly and completely resolve. Everything else will bring a similar reaction, meaning that withdrawal, distance and coldness, and therefore a non-presence state of being, will only result to more withdrawal, more distance and more coldness between ourself and the other person, and we do not want that.

Being truly present in love is a powerful tool for maintaining a relationship especially a romantic one during a constant everyday-life interaction. It is a way to keep the interest, happiness and flow during our daily actions. By being present we give the chance to ourselves to grow and evolve by connecting deeper with our Self and the other person and by reaching a higher lever of understanding between us within the relationship. It is an enormous gift we can offer to ourself and the ones we truly love and care about.

I feel and I know that this is the only way to be if we choose to be truly together with someone.

Thank you for reading, and remember that everything you seek lies within your Self.

Heart to Heart,


©  Christina Georgiou

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