On Birth (&) Aliveness

I was ready,

to welcome this Soul in this world.

She was ready too.

I knew she would come,

and I knew how much she wanted this,

and how much I wanted her.

I did not know what being a Mother means,

but I was ready to be the carrier of her Soul

and the carer of this child.

For 9 months my body was the container for her to grow,

and she taught me already so much

just by being inside me.

When the time has come,

when she was ready to be with us

I felt my body opening.

The pain was so deep and so profound at the same time.

It could move me internally and externally,

but as soon it was gone it was also forgotten.

Every contraction was an opening of my body and a movement of my child,

a desire to meet.

a knowing that we are closer to each other.

The pain was forcing me to be with it,

to surrender in every single wave of it as it was passing through me,

and to prepare me for the birth of this Soul.

The stronger each wave the more I wanted to be with it fully.

And in full presence I called my child,

I asked to see her and to hold her, at last.

A strong sensation,

light was coming through, internally.

And no thoughts.

My mouth open.

And my body too.

The ring of fire.

The birth of my child,

the arrival of this Soul,

a celebration of life.

I became a passage,

a sea of waves,

a vessel of hope.

That pain and that scream,

the opening of the body,

a realization of what it means to be ALIVE.

I could see how life exists in me,

how life is created with me,

and how life comes through me.

In Humbleness

In Love

In Admiration

For my body,

For her,

For God.

This is to be remembered forever.

Not the pain. Not the blood.

But the essence of LIFE itself.

What a blessing to feel truly alive and be fully present,

In the moment of birth that feels eternal in time

and infinite in volume and meaning.

Today I remember my childbirth with a deep knowing,

of what it means to be open,

and to surrender to the flow of life and love at once.

Today I recall tears of love

and my chest opens to embrace the whole world at once,

just because my child exists in it.

Today I celebrate the Mother's rebirth

not because her child was born

but because she felt ALIVE in birth.

And I remember to bring that aliveness back in this moment and every moment,

through the memory of Amna's birth and the birth of all.

Experiencing what it means to be fully alive

through this physical body, while being in this physical world

it does not mean that you are disconnected from God.

It means that God through you experiences life itself

and you have become the bridge of earth and sky

in order to bring heaven on Earth.

This is what a birth should be.

This is what birth is.

And it is done.


©  Christina Georgiou

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