on Vulnerability.

When you feel you have no skin

And everything around you hurts

It is a moment of deep sensitivity

A need to withraw yourself from the world

Or find yourself asleep in a space of silence.

This moment appears to be painful

Full of wonder and darkness,

Sadness and fragility,

Not because you are wounded

But because you have embraced your humanness,

Your vulnerable human nature.

Allowing this part of yourself to Be,

Without trying to change anything

Can give birth to your biggest desire

And your greatest pathos,

For Life.

Every single day there is an opportunity

Where you can be vulnerable

Just because you can also

Be powerful.

You can't be powerful

If you do not allow yourself

To be vulnerable first.

You won't witness your strength

If you do not feel the wound

Of what it means to be human.

The moment you allow yourself

To be vulnerable,

To feel small,

To experience emotions in full spectrum

Is the moment you accept yourself fully

And the moment you stop trying to fix yourself.

Being vulnerable

Is about being truly Who You Are

And allowing what you are becoming.

Being vulnerable

Is about feeling loved, accepted, appreciated

Just the way you are.

Not by others,

But from your own Self.

Vulnerability is about your ability

To be present in every single moment,

However it might be

And however it might feel.

It is your innate fire to seek the Truth

Even if it hurts when you become aware of it,

In the same way that can also liberate you

From suffering.

Being vulnerable is about

Allowing truth

To move through you,

And feeling every moment and every sensation of it

Right here and now.

Vulnerability is part of who you are.

Vulnerability is You.

I love you.

And remember,

Everything you seek, lies within your Self.

Heart to Heart,


© Christina Georgiou

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