TO . BE . COME . TO . BE

live performance

in collaboration with Francesco Kiais

BODIES THAT RESIST, 1st International Performance Art Meeting

Circuits & Currents Project Space, Athens - Greece

Organized by Athens School of Fine Arts

Duration: 1 hour


Artists' bodies, needles, red threads, red and white flower petals, thorns, pomegranate seeds, pieces from black nylon backs, paper with needled words on, hair, green leaves, 2 pairs of scissors, audience members.

Description of action

The artists are sitting opposite to each other with their legs interlaced, while looking at each other in their eyes. Different small objects are placed on the floor. Francesco takes a needle from the arrangement that is placed on his head and he sews the red thread on the skin on the left side of his chest. Then he turns his palm upwards as a gesture towards the audience. An audience member takes a small object from the floor and he/she place it in Francesco's palm. Then he enters the needle in the small object and he sews the thread on Christina's skin at the side of her heart. Then Christina takes a needle from her head and performs the same action as Francesco did. The one after the other, the artists repeat this action again and again while creating a net of red threads and objects, which is attached from one's chest to the other's chest. The audience have the chance to read the words and phrases which are needled on the small pieces of paper. To conclude this performance, Christina and Francesco turn their palm upwards while having a pair of scissors in their hand. Two people from the audience take the scissors and cut the threads. With this action, the performance concludes.


Photography: Jorge


Drawing by Angeliki Chaido Tsoli

Christina Georgiou © 2019