Your I is the other Me

installation & live performance

'Qui Vine?' 2nd Moscow Biennale for Young Art

Section: 'Calabi-Yau' Performance Festival, Tsaritsyno State Museum,
Moscow - Russia

4 July 2010
Duration: 1 hour


Artist's body, white outfit, white box space, rectangle mirrors in different sizes.

Description of action

I am dressed in white and I am situated in a white box space. There are several rectangular mirrors of different sizes placed on different spots inside the space. I also hold a small rectangular mirror in the size of my head and I place it on different parts of my body while moving in the space.


My intention is to generate new “spaces” through the reflections in a co-existence with the audience.




"Your I is the other me" is a philosophical journey revealing the idea of identity perception in relation to the environment questioning if subject and object are separated or interdependent. In a space surrounded by mirrors the self as the perceiving subject and the mirror as the perceived object function as two aspects applied upon one another. The process to identify the real self in the mirror and the self as the other are revealed as two parallel conceptions. The mirror deals with the notion of perception and interpretation and entails symbolic dimension in order to represent what is been reflected. The inter-relationship between self and the mirror is created by embodied perception. Physical presence and being become interactive elements by creating a dialogue with the mirror questioning of how and what it is that one perceives. Space is considered according to the way it can be experienced from the inside, as to be absorbed in it. During the live performance an invisible inter-relationship between self and the surrounding develops to a struggle to identify the self in its wholeness as a need to grow individuality against the failure of the mirror to reveal identity in its entirety.


Photography: Anna Mawby & Samuil Stoyanov
Camera: Dima Zaycev


Christina Georgiou © 2019